How to Astral Travel – Easy Astral Projection Technique You Can Master Fast


I want to know how to travel to Star Trek, but you are working hard to finally let go of the wonderful fun of astral projection? Astral projection is not difficult. In fact, it is a completely natural process and requires less ideas than most people. If you want to eventually learn Star Trek, this article will help you achieve your first physical experience.

When you learn how to travel to Star Trek, one of the most important things to remember is that your consciousness usually hinders you. While allowing your stars to leave your body requires practice, most will hinder their attempts by simply thinking.

Star travel to most people seems to be beyond the world, surreal and somewhat strange, but this is why most people come back. If you have any doubts or fears, you almost completely destroy the opportunity to learn Star Trek.

The first thing to do. Silencing your thoughts is the most important part. This is the perfect place to practice, but using some relaxation techniques such as self hypnosis and mediation can help a lot.

Tell yourself that you want to experience the wonderful fun of astral projection and interstellar travel. Believe it, feel it, let it take over your mind.

Lying in a quiet space, completely silent, with your arms on one side of the body, don't cover yourself with a thick blanket. Feel the air around and start letting go.

Take a deep breath, concentrate and breathe. Maintain a steady pace. Tell your body to let go, start with your feet and let relax in your body.

The deeper you relax, the more you will experience, and when your body enters deeper relaxation, you will feel a stinging sensation.

Embrace this wonderful feeling and let it continue. If your thoughts suddenly appear in your consciousness, just set them aside and concentrate.

Once completely relaxed, you may experience some pre-casting symptoms such as increased heart rate and vibration. Let the vibration engulf your body, you are getting closer.

Once the vibrations start to get strong, don't be too excited, you need to let them solve first.

If you are experiencing these intense vibrations, then you are very close. For beginners of astral projections, one of the easiest ways is to imagine a rope coming down the ceiling. Use your mind and imagination to create this rope.

Imagine yourself climbing your rope with your body instead of your body. Focus on the feeling and image of climbing ropes, leaving your body behind you and starting a star journey.