Learn in 5 Minutes 10 Easy Ways to Tour Rome Without a Hitch!


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 It is the ideal goal for pickpockets. Do not exceed 50 Euros in your wallet. The best way is to have more than one bill. Scatter other money, credit cards, etc. in your safest places [ie money belts, socks, shoes]. “Do not put them in your wallet or handbag.
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 Look at the price list in Rome [usually on the stand outside the restaurant]. Remember, insurance premiums are always charged.

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  fine! Remember, there is a tax-free list ' this city’s store. When purchasing goods at any store, you should always ask for a document stating that the total value you pay is at least €150. You should generate this document in Tax Exemption. Return to the desk at the last European airport in your home. You will receive a 12% European VAT refund.
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 It is also tax evasion or unauthorized. So this is our suggestion: ask the driver if he will issue a receipt at the end of the ride.
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 You can contact in an emergency – it is best that your contacts should speak English and Italian.
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 Always good and convenient. Therefore, before you leave your country, please make the necessary roaming arrangements with your mobile phone provider.
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Pay all service fees in advance as much as possible from
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 What you need during your trip to Rome. Then you will know exactly what your cost is. In any case, always change your currency at the bank if necessary: ​​you will avoid possible problems.
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 Arrange your trip to Rome? Just a suggestion. First-class tour operators will always provide all of these details: street address, phone number you can dial, email address, VAT and travel agent license number. In addition, they will provide them with 24-hour assistance through an emergency number to demonstrate their commitment to their customers.
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  You may be wondering, as a non-European citizen, you have the right to free or reduce the cost of emergency medical care in an Italian hospital.
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 The telephone number of the US Embassy in Via Vittorio Veneto 121 is 0039 06 4674 5929, and the telephone number of the Canadian Embassy in Zara 30 is 0039 06 854441.
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