Out of Body Experience How to: 3 Easy Tips for Astral Travel Success


In this article, I will provide you with three tips or tricks to help you with your star project. Having your first physical experience can change your life. If you master astral projection, you can travel to the past and the future. In addition, you can talk to smart creatures, deceased loved ones, and find your own life answers.

The first step in learning how to get a physical experience is to relax. The best way to completely relax is to wake up for 6-7 hours during the sleep cycle and then try to project. Another popular way to relax your body is to stretch every part of your body. Start with your toes and walk all the way to your head. If you have properly relaxed your body, you should feel warm throughout your body. In addition, you can have a hot shower or a warm bath before you try the body experience.

The second step in mastering the ability to have o.b.e is to tame the mind. Meditation is often the best way to gain control and clear your mind. There are many ways to meditate, including mindfulness, binaural rhythm, zazen and the use of spells. The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind so that you can reach consciousness. Binaural beats are a good way to train your brain to a frequency of 4 Hz.

The third step in astral projection is to use projection techniques. The only time you should start using projection technology is when your mind is at rest. There are many different projection techniques, including rope technology, phasing and launch methods. As your body experience gets better, you can start creating your own projection technology. The most important thing is that you can control your intentions. In addition, sometimes it is best not to use projection and let go of your own advanced self-control.