5 Easy Exercises to Counteract the Strain of Long Flights


Air travel is exciting. Every take-off is the beginning of a new adventure, whether it is business or leisure. However, dragging the bag [why do you think it is called a "hanger"?] and sitting for a few hours can create stiffness and consume your energy. There is a simple solution that not only makes travel more comfortable, but also improves the health of your spine on and off the aircraft.

Resting produces stiffness because exercise is necessary to nourish joints and muscles. But how can you move within the seat of the airline? Simply swing a few inches back and forth and you can lubricate the intervertebral disc between the tissue around the spine and the vertebrae. In fact, small, slow movements activate your core muscles and build strength where most of us need it most.

You don't have to bother your neighbors or do yoga in the flight attendant area to stay soft. You can do five simple exercises on the airplane seat.

Relaxation of the neck

Gently touch the bottom of the neck with your fingers to feel the bones and bumps on the back of the spine. Shake and rotate your head so you can feel the bones moving under your fingers. About half an inch above the neck is another vertebra. Feel it and let it swing. Continue moving up to give each vertebra [seven in total] and the surrounding muscles have a chance to loosen. When you reach the bottom of your skull, see if you can swing it around your neck. You don't have to push or lick your head with your fingers. Small moves will ease tensions.

Breathing massage

Even breathing causes the ribs to expand. When exhaling, gently press your back into the seat and let the chin sag slightly toward the chest. When inhaling, keep your middle back about an inch away from the seat. When you feel the ribs stick into your arm, tilt your head slightly back. Repeat 10 breaths.

揉 paw

Sitting behind the chair, so your spine is straight. Press your feet into the floor until the pelvis is tilted. release. Now press one foot at a time and feel your weight shift to the other side. Continue to exercise by bending the spine from

Only one inchGo to the side. Press one foot and the other, just like a cat's paw, let the movement flow up and down your body. [You can also do this when you pick up your baggage.]

Tilt forward

When you use your head against the ceiling, press your foot into the floor. Keep all these lengths in the spine and lean forward as if you were placing the forehead in the seat in front of you, but only move 6 inches forward. Don't bend your spine and go back straight. Repeat 4 times.

Ride on the turbulence

Emphasize the effects of small turbulence, gentle swings and internal bounces to eliminate unnecessary tension on the back and shoulders. Pretend that you are a shaking head doll, let the muscles be nervous and free.

Easy to move is very effective in relieving tension. Rejuvenate in just five minutes per hour. Moreover, these exercises are adapted from Relieve stiffness and feel young through volatility Not just travel. Use them whenever you need to sit down for a long time to nourish the spine joints and intervertebral discs. For more wave exercises [including video and audio downloads], please visit http://www.undulationexercise.com.