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Rise and shine to another good day!

I started checking my list of agents and found the cruise I wanted. I like to think about where I am going next and stay within budget. The cruise statement allowed me to travel to places I never thought I would have experienced. This is what you want to do – that is, travel and stay within a small budget?

Don't be here. Cruise speakers are what many people dream of. The starting point is to understand what is involved. Cruises book their spokespersons through agents. These agents will accept your application and decide if you are eligible. As long as you follow the steps below, it is not difficult to qualify:

  1. List the things you can talk about [about 45 minutes per conversation].
  2. Including where you ship, you can tell a story or two.
  3. Select 5 or 6 topics and create a short 2 sentence summary for each topic [this will be used in your application form].
  4. Find the same number of images and photos as the theme [you will use PowerPoint as a presentation, and the image is key [rare or no text].
  5. Prepare a video of your conversation [preferably on a cruise ship, but if you can't provide this, then any speech you interact with the audience is usually available].
  6. Create a creature with a professional photo. This creature is your agent's sales tool, making it attractive and engaging your potential audience.

Once you've put all of these pieces together, you can start to enrich several topics and practice your presentation. All of this is long before you even apply for a presentation with an agent.

By the way, on most cruise ships, you need to prepare 4 to 10 lectures. Each cruise has different requirements for the number of conversations they want. The cruise company will not use all of these talks in the timeline, but if one day requires another presentation, you will need to be prepared for an additional presentation.

It is very comfortable to talk in front of the crowd. I find that the size of the audience does vary depending on the time and theme you are asked to speak. Generally, you want to have a good big audience because you are rated for each show. My advice is to practice how many times you stand in front of the cruise audience. The golden rule here is "The conversation you provide should not be the first time you appear on a cruise ship." All of this means you need to rehearse, just like any other show.

So what happens if the place you want to travel and the cruise company are looking for something you haven't provided yet?

My advice is to find out what they are looking for and do some research to see if you can meet your needs. If you are completely satisfied with the subject and feel that you can rehearse and present the topic without any problems, then be sure to make a suggestion through your agent. I often make destination talks in places that I am familiar with but have not yet visited. Research and reading books make the conversation very thorough and interesting. If you take the time to repeat and ensure the details are correct, this will only be of value to the customer. Nothing is worse than asking something, and your facts are wrong.

There are more details about your preparation, especially if you have the opportunity to be a speaker. Preparing for work is the key to your success before making an application to an agent. If you apply and they ask you to provide some details that you have not prepared, your response will not be easily delayed. Your motto is ready.

When you are ready, it's time to find an agent. In the past, cruise ships allowed speakers to apply directly, but now it's easier to handle by using a proxy. Agents charge different fees each night [$50 to $100 per night], so please pay attention to the cost before submitting the show proposal.

I won't list any agents here, because there will usually be changes to the contact information, and some agents will pop up, while others will disappear. You need to find one or two agents you like and start from there. Currently, I work with 4 agents who handle different cruises.

Remember: Be prepared and you will leave soon.


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